Added color in tailwindconfig doesn't appear in class name


I extend new color in tailwindcss config as:

  "theme": {
    "extend": {
      "colors": {
        "primary": "#1976D2",
        "secondary": "#424242",
        "accent": "#82B1FF",
        "error": "#FF5252",
        "info": "#2196F3",
        "success": "#4CAF50",
        "warning": "#FFC107",
        **"lmblue": "#5551FF"**

But it doesn’t appear in class name. I rebuilded css.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Lucas

Do you mean that it doesn’t show up in the class name suggestions? I’ll double check that, but note that you can enter any class name there, even without the suggestions. So you should be able to add bg-lmblue for example, and it should work as expected.


Hi Matt,

Yes, I mean it doesn’t show up in the class name suggestion and it doesn’t allow mr to type bg-lmblue because it changes to bg-blue-500 or other one.


Hmm interesting. I did manage to replicate the class name not showing up, I’ll take a look into that one. But I was still able to add it as a class name. Try just typing bg-lmblue and then hit “space” which should add it straight to the list.

Hey Lucas

I’ve just released 1.6.2 which fixes this issue.

Let me know if you’re still having troubles after updating!


Hi Matt,

Thanks for your patch. It works as expected. Great support!