Can't save class name and class select has no options

When I enter a class name, either a HTML element I imported or a component, after I press “enter” the new class name disappears and doesn’t update.

Also, I’m unable to add any class names through the drop downs because the select is blank.

Any idea what the issue could be?

Heya, yeah there are a couple of things here.

With the class name issue, class names are added on space, or by pressing enter if you’ve got an autocomplete option selected. However, I see how that user experience can be a bit jarring, so I’ll take a look at that.

The font size issue definitely looks like a bug our end. I’ll get that updated asap. In the meantime you can just add the appropriate class name manually.

As a side note, I’d recommend you check out the difference between overriding the class names vs adding extra class names on a component. You can find some documentation on that here. I’ll look at making that more obvious in the UI.

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@steryseo I’ve released 1.7.6 which fixes the missing font size. If you’ve set up automatic updates, this will be available shortly, otherwise you can download it from your account.

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I was able to manually update to 1.7.6. The font size drop-down is still blank for me. It’s not a big deal, I can add it manually if needed.

For the class name, when I add it using “space” it works. But when I try to add it using “enter”, it doesn’t. It just disappears with no update. I can use space so not a big deal either.

I am not getting the suggested class names in the drop down. I’m wondering if my browser or computer is blocking the request.

Thanks for the link on updating the component classes. I read the documentation and it makes sense to me.

Hmm interesting that the font sizes are still not displaying. I’ll take another look my end.