I have some question

I set develop mode in the gust settings.
And I saw file develop.css in wp-content\themes\gust\defaults.
I opened the file that was included tailwindcss version text.
/! tailwindcss v2.1.1 | MIT License | https://tailwindcss.com/
Is it correct? I expected version 3.0.23.

And how can I change the height of “Extra Class Names” and “Override Component Class Names”?
It’s so small to use much css tag.
I think that textarea is correct.

Hi there :wave:

The develop.css file that you see there in the defaults is actually not used anymore. It was part of a previous version of Gust. Thanks for spotting it though, I’ll make sure to remove it so there’s no confusion.

When you turn on developer mode in the settings it will automatically rebuild the stylesheet for you every time you visit the front end and you’ll get the correct version of tailwind.

There’s no setting to change the height of extra class names, but I’ll add it to my list of things to look into. I’ve actually been meaning to update that field to be a bit more dev friendly anyway so that’ll be a good opportunity.

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