Undo or versioning for Gust page builder

Is there a way to save a version of a page other than backing up the entire Wordpress site? As I’m making changes, I realize I can avoid saving as I’m trying things out. But it would be nice to have the option to revert to a specific version or have an undo button.

My current approach is to work on the page in a local folder with git. Then import the entire page as HTML after changes to overwrite the previous version. It is working well but means I’m avoiding making changes in the builder.

Or is there another strategy like making a copy of the page I should be using?

I’ve toyed with a few different ideas for this over the past but haven’t implemented something as yet. But a simple history / undo feature is a great idea. I’ll look into implementing this. At the moment I think your best bet is to just make a copy of the page unfortunately.

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