Shortcodes Not Working

I am trying out the theme using the gust builder, but some of my shortcodes don’t seem to be loading the scripts that go with them. Do you know why this would be?

I have pin pointed the issue to the fact the shortcode is ensuring that the short code actually exists in the post content prior to executing the remaining functions. Since Gust is pulling the information from a meta field the post content is actually blank. However removing that give a new css issue. So my new question is:

Why is the header covering the entire page content as soon as the short code is activated. Also I’ve removed the HTML that the shortcode adds and it does not revert back to what it looked like before the short code was activated.

Just some more context. It seems when the short code is added it loads the mobile state of the site. Meaning that the mobile nav covers the whole screen.

Hi Wallace, are you able to share the shortcode that you’re having issues with at all? If you can it’ll make it much easier to debug.

It’s a custom developed short code, but I actually made it as simple as to only inject the words “test shortcode” and it still put it into “mobile mode.”

I noticed all the pages that I have not chosen to build with Gust builder also produce the same result.

Hmm this sounds a bit strange. I just tried to create a custom shortcode myself and it seemed to work fine.

However, the fact you mention the other pages that aren’t using Gust makes it sound like there’s a different issue at play here.

Could you try going into the Gust settings and rebuilding the CSS? Let me know if that solves the issue or not. Also if you could let me know if you’re getting any PHP errors or any console errors, that’d be helpful too.

Matt. I think I have pinpointed the issue. The shortcode also uses tailwind. So Once I commented out the loading of the style sheet by the plugin it works. However I am in dev mode so I am unsure if any plugin dependent classes will be shaken out once that is turned off.

Aah I see. Glad you managed to figure that out! Gust can probably generate most of what you need there. If you have classes in your shortcode / plugin that you want Gust to include in its compiled CSS you have a few options:

  • Tell Gust to watch other files when it compiles ( docs here )
  • Tell Gust exactly which class names you want it to include through the gust_safelist filter ( docs here )

Hopefully one of those will work for you! Remember when you turn off developer mode, you may need to hit the “rebuild CSS” button.